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My RT4WD Civic Wagon Build (picture HEAVY)


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well i bought the car back in 2012 completely stock with 1,XXX miles on a complete rebuild for $2,500














sadly the car was backed into in a safeway parkinglot maybe a week before i purchased it so i wasted no time in finding and replacing the fender








two days after i bought the car the dizzy took a shit on me on the freeway, i ended up sleeping in my car that night because i didnt want anyone to steal my car or it get impounded lol








and of course i wasted no time buying suspension but with money being short i had to settle with Megan EZStreets (16way adjustable damperkit) and a wink mirror











not too long after i bought the suspension i bought some Function7 LCAs and installed my Japanese Illuminated License plate







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not too long after i picked up the F7 LCAs i got a set of RT steelies for free... BUT they were in horrible condition so i decided to restore the centercaps first and see what i was dealing with..










with a little help from some aircraft stipper it uncovered this mess which completely pissed me off










two coats of plastic primer and two coats of plastic paint








masked off the centercaps then cut out the H with a straightedge razor












stripped the old tint and put the RT centercaps on the steelies the car came with








then purchased a THULE ski rack for cheap








few weeks after this picture i deployed to afghanistan for 9 months and the car sat in storage on jackstands while i was gone

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well my first weekend back from Afghanistan i was up in Seattle and on my way back i slapped the transfer case off the ground and ended up cracking the casing and locking up the trans.. soo the wagon sat for 4 months while i waited to find another RT4WD trans.. so me and a buddy ripped it out..










so while waiting i decided to clean up the bay a little seeing that it was extremely dirty








FINALLY got a new RT trans and wasted no time mating it to the D16A6










THEN i started having shifter cable issues








luckily i have a damn good friend that collects wagons and hoards parts and he had a spare cable assembly on hand so i gave him a 1991 Si trans and my spare rear diff for them and we put the cables in at his shop





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so after a long time of having this thing on steelies i finally got my Custom ordered wheels in as well as Skunk2 front camberkit and a Megan Racing rear camberkit






so i called up a good buddy of mine that rolls fenders and let him know my wheels were in and i was ready to roll/pull my fenders so i can put the wheels on








but i still wasnt happy with the rear camber, too much for my taste








so i started adjusting the rear camber here and there until i was happy with where it was and installed a DA integra front lip (had to cut off the ends because it was a little too long)










i then picked up a Chargespeed rep lip








not too much longer i was made a US representative of Gentlemen At Work and also installed my long awaited for JAF badge








bought my dream steeringwheel with NRG quick release as well as installed my Spoon Duracon Shiftknob








then got some nice Neochrome VolkRacing Lugnuts to accent my white wheels





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picked up a PWJDM CF intake, so i had to reloacte the battery to my trunk in order for it to fit








i found a STUPID rare part for sale so i HAD to buy it, GTS civic wagon headlight covers










i took off the ski rack because i was getting bored of it and tossed it in storage and also got a OEM blue fender from my buddy Mike








at my last show of the year last year








finally got tired and bored of the stance game and sold my wheels





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new parts on hand for the new build :wub:

- Chargespeed wing

- JDM wagon corner lights and brand new blinkerlights

- Spoon Sports windshield banner

- Limited Edition Millennium white Mugen RNR's

- Mugen CF48's

- Bride LowMax FRP Buckets

- Engine swap (that will stay a secret until i get it in the car and tuned)



and i bought 2 sets of clean wagon fenders because they are getting harder and harder to find and more and more expensive


so far i have installed the JDM cornerlights and blinkers, the chargespeed wing, and i am currently making my own seat brackets for the brides because nobody makes any for a wagon.


going to be pulling out the D16A6 and selling it to my buddy Mike (guy who collects wagons) for extremely cheap because it has a rod knock, he'll fix it and put it in one of his 13+ civic wagons lol


i also picked up 2 sponsors for the wagon which wont be revealed until i get everything done with the car. im taking my time building the car and wont bring it out to a show until its perfect which will probably be next year

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i try to take pictures of every little thing that i do just in case people have questions about something.


i used to have detailed pictures of everything that i did to the car but sadly i lost those and just have what parts were bought and installed and what it looks like after installation


ill post up a couple pictures here soon of my homemade bride brackets and my Chargespeed wing installed, i have to do a little bit of trimming on the wing to get it to fit proper

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  • 1 month later...

sorry for the grainey picture but.... ill let the cat out the bag..


been doing little things here and there to the K24A2 (AC/PS delete, Alternator relocate, shaved water pump)







going to take a bit of time off from working on the car this summer and spending some time with family and friends.. this fall/winter i will be dumping A LOT of money into the build to get it ready for next spring/summer/fall season..


going to get the K in with a RyWire milspec harness and mark all unnecessary holes then take the K back out and send the car off to body and paint to get all the little dents and dings fixed and the bay shaved, then ill be sending it off to a friends shop to have a full 8 point SCCA legal roll cage custom built, then once its back at the house the K will go back in and all the parts will go on..


Build list for the K24:

~ Custom Sheepy Built header

~ Weisco 11:1 CR pistons

~ ARP head studs

~ Supertech valvetrain

~ Brian Crower Stage 2 NA cams

~ Carrillo Connecting rods

~ RRC DC5R intake manifold

~ PRB ecu with Kpro tuned by English Racing

~ Hybridracing fuel rail

~ Hybridracing FPR

~ Hybridracing TPS censor

~ Hybridracing Inline Fuel Filter

~ Hybridracing Conversion harness

~ Hybridracing Shiftbox

~ Hybridracing Performance Shiftcables

~ Hybridracing K swap radiator hoses

~ Hybridracing Timing Chain tensioner

~ K20Z1 oil pump

~ RyWire Milspec Engine harness

~ Hasport Race mount kit

~ Custom built K20Z1 trans by Chris Tybor aka HF Jesus lol



build list for the chassis:

~ 8 Point roll cage

~ new skunk2 rear camberkit

~ Spoon front calipers / DA rotors / S2000 pads

~ RSX rear calipers / DA rear rotors / RSX pads

~ PCI sideskirts

~ PCI rear diffuser

~ Custom canards

~ Custom front splitter

~ Top1 splitter winglets

~ Top1 splitter bracket


Wheels/tires :

~ Mugen RNR with Yokohama Sdrives for daily use

~ Mugen MF10L with Yokohama Advan AD08R for track use



Thats all i have at the moment.. im sure i will add things here and there later on down the road

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  • 3 months later...

well i FINALLY got around to take a picture of my little wheel collection.. next set of wheels on the list is Mugen MF10L's :)




parts on the way for the new setup:


Custom oneoff Sheepey built header

Spoon Monoblock Calipers

LOTS of Hybrid-Racing parts

RSX TypeS trans

PRB ecu with Kpro

Hasport Extremerace Mount kit


still need to figure out which mil spec harness i want : RyWire, Chasebays, Wireworx. also need to figure out which axles i want to run

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i put some yokohama rubber on the TE37SL's and put them on the wagon.. i need to take out some camber in the rear but im waiting on my new camberkit that should be here thursday..

pulled out the shitty single cam last weekend
these goodies came in the other day :)

i decided to put my lip on but did and took some photos of how i did it.. only thing i didnt take a picture of was the 3M double sided tape i stuck in the middle of the lip so i didnt have any screws showing.
i then drilled holes in each end
and fit some pull caps in that i bought at autozone
finished product from the front :)


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couple packages came in :)

Hush Performance Cable to Hydro kit
and my PCI rear Diffuser and Custom ordered Civic Wagon PCI side skirts
so put the skirts and diffuser on yesterday, still need to do a little fabrication to get everything mounted to my liking but it looks SICK! Also test fit the Recaro's
this is currently how the car sits.. going to be ordering a HardRace spherical rear camber kit and toe kit tomorrow.. the rear camber kills me but i can't adjust it yet because i fabricated the ones currently on the car for my old setup :/
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one Spoon piece i have been hunting for YEARSSSS finally came in the mail today :)

Spoon Vanity Plate
also ordered a stage 2 Comp clutch and 11.5lbs flywheel today.. just playing the waiting game for parts to come in.. Hybrid-Racing parts should be in in a couple days also waiting on my pedal assembly to get here so i can hook up the Hush performance cable to hydro kit..
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Woke up the other morning and took my dog out for her morning pee and stumbled into a big box from my sponsor

I was super stoked and couldnt wait to mess with some stuff so i did a little test fit of the shiftbox with my anodized blue 6 speed Spoon Sports shift knob.. It looks soo sick

decided to take a couple pictures of the wagon yesterday after i finished fabbing the skirts and diffuser and putting my HybridRacing banner on..


i've been tinkering around with lightroom since i bought my iMac last month haha
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