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Timing belt, water pump kit


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Hey guys,


Would like to replace TB, water pump kit on my 2003 Civic. It's got 88K miles. Do you think I should replace it now. Honda recommends every 110K miles or 7 yrs. So according to miles I'm not there yet.


In any case, dealers are quoting me $750 + tax; Local mechanic could do this for 4 hour labor ($300) and I can get the kit for $100.



The question is where do you buy good genuine kit? If you buy it from autozone, advanced auto parts, rockauto etc, it may not be OEM correct? I think they sell Dayco.














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I've always sourced my kits from the local NAPA as they were substantially less expensive and just erred on the side of caution and did the timing belt every 80k. The price quotes you list seem pretty typical for the job. I've done the install myself a couple times and also once paid a local mechanic $450 and he supplied the parts for a TB, WP and all the dive belts (they have to come off anyway).

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