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Broken output shaft?


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I was on a test drive right after I got a new motor in my civic. After a few miles, I pretty much dumped the cluch for a quick takeoff. (wasn't trying to smoke the tires or anything) And that's when I lost all power to the wheels. I can let the cluch out in any gear with no drive.(no grinding either) When I removed the motor, the output shaft spins freely in the gear box. Cluch looks fine.

I know doing major work to the gear box is more than I can handle.

Does anybody have experience with this kind of problem? Is it a difficult fix.

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I was told by a quality transmission shop, the gear box is in working order. They were able to shift gears and the output and diff worked properly. (while it was out of the car fyi) They also suggested to check hydraulics. Wich I'll do after I reinstall and reconnect everything with new axels and a cluch.

Also I'm going to swap the wiring harness as I understand I need to.

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