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Hello! I'd like to post a quick introduction here since I'm new to the site. I'm currently driving a 1990 Accord LX (USDM DX) as my daily driver until my wife gets a new company car. Once she does this becomes my garage queen. I've driven Hondas all my life, starting with an '87 Accord, '87 Civic Wagon, '92 Vigor, '02 CR-V and finally this '90 Accord. Sadly the '87s are long gone.

I like to keep things as Honda OEM as possible. When I got this car it was bone stock, and the only 'upgrades' from it's miserable LX trim were painted bumpers, rear mud flaps and an A/C that doesn't work. I've since found front fog lamps, door visors, front arm rest and some alloys off a CD5.

My goal is to keep her as original as possible, which will include fixing some small rust spots, finding a factory spoiler, SE rims off a 93 Accord, intersection lights and side markers, along with any other Honda goodies I can find along the way.

Thanks for checking out my thread! Here are some photos of my Accord from the past month or so. If you can't tell from the license plates, I'm from Ontario Canada.






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It will stay dead with introduction responses like that. Why bother posting?


I don't know where you Canadians get the rust free cars from but I want in on the action. I'm 200 miles south of the most Southern point of Ontario and my cars dissolve to dust in 10 years if I drive them regularly. Hell, my last one rusted out bad at 15 and it spent most of it's life in Texas and was garaged winters. It rusted sitting in storage.

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I wish it we're rust free, just looks that way from far away. The door mouldings are rusting and need to be replaced, and probably the doors need to be fixed up. There's some bad rust forming at the bottom of my driver side rear door, and some small bubbling on the trunk and passenger rear quarter panel. Not the end of the world, but finding replacement mouldings and getting the car ready for paint isn't going to be cheap.


I'm hoping to garage the car this winter to help slow down the rust.

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