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How to adjust the high beam headlight for a Civic 2008 LXi 1.8L Japan


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Hello, and good morning emsmile.gif

So, I just bought a new headlights for my Civic 2008 LXi 1.8L Japan model.

The previous headlight was not genuine Honda part.

Anyway, Today I bought the genuine Honda headlights that cost 709$ including the bulbs cry.gif

So, after installing the headlights, they were not aimed right emsad.gif

I looked around, and saw this plastic that can be moved by a LONG screw driver, and Hoooyaaa the low beam was moving, and then I went for the other headlight and matched it with it.


The high beam can't be adjusted!!!

When moving the Low beam screwdriver, the Low, and high beam were moving together ???

I want to adjust the high beam place without moving it along with the low beam, my low beam position is just fine, any lower than that it would be not sufficient, and I would be happy with my high beam, but the low beam will be not even emsad.gif

So, the question is:

HOW DO I FIX THIS ISSUE? there is pictures showing you what is the problem down below, and again, mind that these headlights are genuine.

I think that there is 3 probable causes/solutions:

1- The high beam has it's own screwdriver that can be moved same as with the low beam, and get placed in a desired height, same as with the low beam, BUT where is this plastic thing to move????

2- The high beam bulbs are not correctly mounted, which cause this issue, but I am pretty sure I did it correctly :/

3- I used high beam bulbs in the low beam compartment, but the low beam looks aligned nicely, so I don't think this is the cause.

I was really upset, really really upset, I saved a lot of many to get the genuine headlights emsad.gif

So, Is there a separate plastic thing behind the headlight to use a screwdriver to adjust the high beam??????

I want to make the dealer my last resort !!!!!!!!
Because I need to make an appointment to enter the Repair Center. That might take a week.

This is the picture of my Civic headlights, it doesn't look same as American Civic headlights!



Headlights OFF:


Headlights Low beam ON:


Headlights High beam ON:


Sorry, I am a shitty shooter, but if you want to ask this is Canon 600D emsmile.gif

Between you and me, I wanted to get 2009 civic headlights, but the salesman said it might not be compatible " I must go to the engineer which will take time, take a number to wait your turn ".
So, I said just give me the 2008 healights emsad.gif
2009 headlights looked really nice, and aggressive.
Anyway, getting something compatible better than wasting your time on something might not be compatible emsad.gif

So, What do I do now???????????????????

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Just fixed the issue


The left high beam bulb was not positioned in it's place, it was little down from the default position.


So, when I did that, both high beams were aligned.


I would like to adjust the height of both low/high beams. I want it a to be up by couple inches from a 25 feet distance. Because it's now lower than what I am hoping for.


The Plastic screw that moves it up/down is in it's highest setting, so there is not use to it.


I think I need to adjust the base of the headlight, because I had that one accident that was from the front of the car, wasn't major, but did destroy the radiator

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Usually the headlight beams are not supposed to be equal. Or at least in the US they are generally not equal. The beams are aligned so that high or low beam the light throw doesn't not aim directly into the path of oncoming cars. The light focus is usually off to the side of the road a little bit to better illuminate potential hazards along the darker road edge. The road itself better reflects the light so it doesn't need quite as much illumination for hazards to be visible. I really can't tell what the problem is.


And how is it that you have a 'Japan' model that is LHD?

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