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Temperature gauge showing hot when idle


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accord 98 v4




my car drives perfectly well and the temperature gauge is just a quarter over the C line. However, when the car is idle, the gauge gets a quarter or maybe even closer to the H line. It happens maybe in a minute after the car is idle and it stays there till the car remains idle. Does anybody know what could be the problem? Hope nothing big as I'm not looking forward to a large bill on a 98




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Your radiator tubing may need changing. get it checked out ASAP!!!!


When you stop, a fan should come on automatically. check for radiator fluid leak, it should be a florescent green color. Get it changed out asap b/c it happened to me and when you start to see smoke coming from your hood, it is usually b/c the radiator fluid, which is usually cool busts from a tube and splatters onto a hot engine...which in turn causes visible smoke coming from your hood!


Please go get it checked.

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