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Overheating-totally stumped


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Daughter has an 01 Honda Civic EX with rebuilt 2003 V-Tech motor. It continues to overheat when she drives it for about 5 minutes in the summer heat. I know it is not the head gasket-replaced it about 4 months ago and while it was out went ahead and replaced all the belts, water pump, and V-tech solenoid. Then the tranny was next project, had it rebuilt. Drives fine except overheating now so found leak in radiator-replaced it and hoses, along with new radiator cap and new thermostat. Dang thing still overheating on me. Both hoses getting hot. Burped it numerous times to get all of the air out. Fans are working. I am stumped! Her plastic cap on the overflow container is cracked but those don't really have any pressure on them to my knowledge so can't see it being that. I'm stumped. Anyone have any other ideas what it might be?


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After all that work you've covered a lot of the possible issues. If both hoses are hot I wonder if you are actually overheating. I would check the temperature sending unit next. It's possible it's just giving you a false reading, or is it also visibly obvious that it's over heating (coolant boiling over and so on)?


Make sure to check all your fuses and relays. The cooling system has several parts to it that piggy-back on other power circuits that are otherwise unmarked on the fuse/relay panel diagram.


To save yourself any future harassment, as the car internet forums are prone to, the term is vtec: Variable valve Timing and lift Electronic Control. No '-' and no 'h'.

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