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Advice on buying a honda.


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hello everyone! I am new to this site. I am in the market to buy a honda civic. I was in a serious car accident where I was struck by a guy going 60mph, and I was standing still. My car was totaled. I need a new one. Although I am healing, I am still injured and exahusted. I want a honda civic and need advice on what are some good choices to make. I have narrowed it down to two cars.


The first is a 2004 honda civic EX Sedan. It has 93k on it and one owner. It runs really well, when I drove it. It passed the smog inspection. I like that it has 4 doors and runs wells. I do not like the 93k on it.


The second is a 2005 honda civic EX coupe. It has 51k on it and two owners. It runs really well, when I drove it. I am taking it to a mechanic to get an inspection tomorrow. I like the low miles, but it only has 2 doors.


I have no pets and no kids, so I would not be driving a lot of people around. Advice? I know 100k is usually when the timing belt needs to be replaced, so I am concerned with the 100k mantience that might come up.


excuse the typos, as I said, I am exhausted and any advice would help me. thank you for your time.

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You are right that a timing belt is an approximate 100k service item. People that are fanatics about maintenance will often tell you 80k is a better increment to be safe. You may want to ask about the 2004 as it might have already been done. If the service was performed at a Honda dealer there is a good chance a CarFax report would show it. Any mechanic shop would be able to tell pretty quickly if the timing belt was the original one or a brand new one. If there is no record of it being performed use the pending expensive service as a negotiating point and get the price lowered. The best option for you and the (presumably) dealer would be if the dealer has a decent service department. They can do the water pump/timing belt service as part of your purchase. The service is done and out of the way for you then and the dealer saves money because they are able to do the service at their cost rather than discount the car for the full retail price of the service if you had to take it elsewhere..

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