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3.0 VTec in Offroad Race Buggy

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Guys ive recently purchased a offroad race buggy with a Honda 3.0Lt VTec engine, now i dont think im too far off the mark when i say the engine tune standard isnt the best tune the engine can priduce but more the most durable, what i am looking at is improving this engine/tune package to the best it can be, im not seeking outright performance just a better performance package.

Si my questions are

1: is there a program in the market place that allows me to alter air/fuel ratios and timing

2: is exhaust scavanging important in a Honda engines performance

3: so do i then run a 3 into 1 heders then a 2 into 1 collector

4: if so is there a prefered tuned length and diameter to the headers

5: also is there a prefered tuned lenght to the collector and a prefered diameter

` at the moment it seems to run tuned lenght headers but one collectot runs under the engine to join up with the other, making vastly different lenghts and to me seems very inefficient, and when your racing a car with lower Hp and higher revs i believe every little bit of efficiency helps.

Im trying to get it to be a 100mph on the desert race car to be competitive in either class 2 or class 8

Any help, advise or shared experience will will extremely appreciated


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Because of the firing order the unequal length exhaust manifold/header does not present a reduction in performance. It was designed that way as stock due to the transverse mounting of a v6 in a fwd car. It isn't hurting anything.


There are several tuning programs for honda's out there. Off the top of my head hondata is the first I can think of. Typically no Honda reaches the point where it is HP beneficial to run anything other than a stock tune until you delve into forced induction or machining. The stock ECUs are really good at adapting to a wide variety of modifications to the engine. The one exception would be vtec engagement but for the most part the stock setting is likely to be best. To find more on software check up on some of the turbo builds floating around on the net.


I am pretty good at diagnostics and maintenance on just about every engine Honda installed from about 1980 through 2005 but the engineering specifics you are looking for are beyond my knowledge.

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but from what i understand the stock program is good but never best, they program them so they can run in Alaska or the Australian outback with the same settings, i understand all cars are sort of the same, retard the timing and run them very rich therefore making them bullet proof, but not idiot proof! and as for the exhaust i realise they have a strange firing order but tuned lenghts and correct size always helps, scavenging is always welcome.

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