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Starter not cranking


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I installed a used motor into my 89 Honda Accord LXI in the last couple days. I've reached the point of putting in the coolant, oil, transmission fluid and I'm now ready for it's initial start-up. I turn the key. I hear the fuel pump. I hear the fuel rail/fuel injectors loading up with fuel. And the starter won't crank! I've checked the wiring all over the motor multiple times, and I checked the voltage to the starter while the key is in the "On" position and I have 12.65 volts. No crank up! However, when I connect 2 screw drivers to the 2 terminals on the solenoid, the motor cranks over. To me, in my opinion, it almost appears as if the clutch pedal inside the car isn't triggering the button for the starter to engage. I don't know if that's the issue, but that's how it seems. It's like I'm attempting to start it without pushing in the clutch.


Can anybody give me some areas to look? I'm out of options.

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Have you tried to disconnect and test the lock out switch on the clutch to see if it is working as it should? I rig everything, if it were me I would disconnect the toggle and wire the leads permanently and just know I could start it in gear without the clutch depressed and live with it. I've done the same on a manual and automatic Cherokees I have owned.

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