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94' civic VX issues


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Hello everyone '-'/ I am tring to figure out what is up with my civic. It has been sitting for a coupke months, because one day my wife brings it home and turns it off. I go start it and it would start and then run for a sec and turn off. It would do this all day. I was told distributor or fuel pump relay. I replaced the distriutor today and now I cant get it to even start.. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks

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I have a 91 civic with almost the exact same issue. I was driving to the bank after work a few days ago and it just died. While still coasting I was able to start it back up and I made it back home. The next morning I went out to start it and warm it up, it started, I went back inside for about 10 min, I came back out and the engin was off. I tried starting it back up and it will crank, start, and then die immediately. I can get it to stay running for about 2-3 seconds by mashing the gas when I start it. I have checked pump and filter and they are good. I have a very knowledgable brother in law that is 99% sure it's the intake air temp sensor. It's about $25 where I'm at and I have to order it so I don't know if that will fix it (yet). When I was calling around I had 1 guy tell me that he doesn't think its the sensor, he thinks it's the distributor. If you replaced your distributor then I'm leaning towards no. I had a different guy tell me that it does sound like a sensor but it could be any of 4 sensors in that area ( iats, tps, mafs, or 1 more that I can't think of right now ). I'm thinking I'm going to try the iats just because by brother in law has fixed everything I've ever known him to work on. It might be a couple of days but I will post back weather it worked or not

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