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Which car gets the most looks ?


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1) 1999 Yellow Teg R

2) 1999 Green or Orance decked out civic

3) Black Accord Coupe wit 20's

4) Black 300zx TT with the t tops off.

5) 2001 Black/Black Z06 with nice @$$ exhaust and high rise hood

6) Cop car

7) Porsche GT2

8) Ferrari modena

9) Lambo Diablo or Countach

10) Lex IS with 19's

11) Escalade wit 22's and Tv's inside

12) Complete piece of crap beater that makes the worst noise when it drives... doesnt have any windows either.....

13) BMW M5 very well hooked up


Which car gets the most looks to you....?

My vote goes to the cop car

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9) countach, that was da bomb diggity back the the 80's, I sure would turn my head if I saw one... There was recently a Diablo meet right down the street from me in the small town I live it, it was pretty dope

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