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If you look at other forums.......

You should have Honda as one area to post and Acura as another... not each and every separate car. If you want separate cars go from years that they changed body styles.

Advertise some more, this is a nice forum.

www.dtmpower.net look at that

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Well, I did just have some models clumped together, but people didn't seem to like the fact that their car type was mixed in with others. If I was to separate them by generations(body styles) then that would make even more forums. Eventually, when there are more members, I will split probably the Accords, Civics and maybe the Integra's into different generations.

If I just had one forum for Honda's and one forum for just Acura's, then there would be too many posts in the forums and your post would end up on the 3rd page real quick and nobody would see it.

I don't like how they have 3 different 3-series forums, 1 5-series forum and one to clump all the other series together. (6, 7, 8, Z3, Z8, M Coupe, X5, and more...) Have you looked through that forum, It's a huge mixed bag of nuts and it's hard to find info about your specific car. When I go into a forum, I want all the posts to somewhat relate to my car type.

Personally, I think it's fine for now. I appreciate your feedback though...

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