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Losing Oil

Aaron Wayne

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Didn't know if anyone here may have any insight into the problem and point me in the right direction before I begin. My civic is losing oil and it seems to be predominately (or at least much worse) when the vtec sys kicks in. Obviously, as the picture shows, oil is leaking from somewhere. If I keep the engine below 4k and stay out of the vtec it seems to be fine and the oil level is ok. However, if I take it above 4k repeatedly of over a short period of time, I lose enough oil that it gets to the point the engine will cut out before allowing vtec to kick in due to low oil pressure. So any ideas where I may be leaking oil that the vtec system would escalate the problem before I start cleaning, tearing apart, etc......??????

What the pic doesnt show though is that there is oil around the left side of the engine back. Not on the vtec solenoid but some beneath it.
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There are gaskets between the vtec module and the head. Same thing with the distributor. The gaskets are high up in the engine bay and oil only tends to leak when the oil level is high and pressure is high.

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