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98 accord lx no start

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Having a problem with the car again lol had a mechanic take a look at it and was told that the distributor was bad so went got a new one and swapped it out still no start . Got fuel pressure got spark cranks but no go . All fuses are fine none Burt out . Any ideas out there can't figure this car out lol.

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I know it was a short answer but if you have spark and fuel you either don't have compression or you are out of time. Possible it could be an injector issue but that is a less likely failure item. In theory a completely clogged air filter could prevent a start as well. Not too much else will keep you from at least firing up for a revolution or two.


Although not a compression check a quick check to make sure it isn't a blown head gasket is to check the oil and coolant to make sure neither are a milky color due to the fluids mixing. Any decent mechanic should have checked that almost immediately the last time you had it serviced. If this is the case that makes me question the mechanics integrity.

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