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NO Start, has spark and fuel 1996 honda civic


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So I was driving My 96 Honda civic 1.6 vtec when all of the sudden the car stalled going about 40mpg. I pulled off to a safe place and check the oil and coolant levels. The oil was good but the coolant was real low. The temp gauge never got hot, and I know it's working because it got hot a few weeks before when I was running low on oil and coolant. So I have be keeping an I out on that problem.


I towed it to a shop and they said they couldn't do any test until I replace the radiator (which is holding water) and I needed to do a full tune up plugs, wires, cap, and rotor because it wasn't getting spark. They wanted $900 for that. So I had it towed out of there to my house because they where full of shit. I replaced all of that myself and I'm getting spark now. Still no start, so I checked for fuel by loosing the bolt above the fuel filter and turned the key to the on position ( it squited fuel out pretty strong).


I don't know where to try next. I don't have a fuel or compression tester (do I need to buy them). Also the spark isn't the strongest I've ever see. Any suggestions? I really need help. I drive my car for work and don't have much money to fix it.








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Your car is lousy for distributor failures. Not just cap and rotor but entire device failures. You may want to try and get your hands on a known good one for testing. Chassis grounds can be a real trouble spot as well. There should be three on your car I think, one from battery to chassis, one from valve cover to chassis and one from transmission to chassis. Disconnect and clean each connection as well as your positive battery terminal while you are at it.

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