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help stop the creaking sound

Michael J Smith

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Hello all!


I have a 2001 Honda Accord 4dr EX V6 with 156K miles.


Just replaced the front struts and springs. My car still has a creaking sound. I can push down on the fender and it'll make a creaking sound. Thought that the struts and springs would clear that up.


I can't figure it out and i've had my local mechanic look at it and he can't figure it out either. next step is bringing it to a Honda dealer, but thought i'd check here first. Sound is very annoying!




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Balljoints can be very expensive depending on where you go. Save yourself some money and check the bushings first. Some of them can be lubricated, some cannot. I had a 98 accord that gave the same squeak and it was just a control arm bushing that was old and dry. In my case a shot of wd would make it stop for a day or two, lithium would stop it for a couple months. All cars with rubber bushings will develop this issue eventually.


My current car had developed the same condition and I recently had replaced every suspension bushing in the vehicle with new parts from an Energy Suspension polyurethane master kit (about 50 some bushings). I didn't have the time myself so I took it to a shop. Since it was a non-diagnostic, non-repair service they did the work in downtime at a negotiated cost of $25 an hour. Cost me about $350 to have the entire car done. No more squeaking.

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The most common cause of this problem is the worn rear lower control arm bushings that allow too many movements in the control arm and thus the rear shock as it is connected to it at the lower bolt for shock. The bushings need to be thoroughly inspected for shrinkage, dried or cracked, or even missing and replaced as needed.

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Thanks Xeryon and Jeff!


Creaking is definately up front. When first driving car, no sound, everything is great... When leaving work after car sits for awhile, the creaking returns. Doesn't make the sound pushing car side to side; however, pushing down over the right wheel, it makes the sound. Left side is good.

Guess I should purchase some Lithium lubrication and try that.... No noise, LOVE the car... Noise returns, wanna get rid of it...

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White Lithium Grease is sold in an aerosol can with other automotive lubricants. WD is a great product but it is a water displacer and not actually a lubricant and doesn't bond with the surfaces you spray it on. If you use WD in places prone to getting wet it will quickly wash away. Lithium is a mildly foamy, white grease. It dispenses the same as WD but with a lot more mess. It bonds really well to any material, especially porous materials like old rubber and does not easily wash off so it's ideal for places that are exposed to water and looks are not a concern. It also works great on car door hinges, garage and barn doors, swingsets and anywhere else that gets rained on.

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