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Hello..can someone help me a little...well I have a 91 Honda accord automatic did a swap from a 2.2 none v tec to a 2.3 v tec got everything going car runs good but no v tec iam still using my old ECM it's not v tec thos someone no from what accord can I use a v tec ECM from or can I just use a v tec controller..I wire it to my rpm but then it wouldent work when I rub it up.can someone help me on this issue I have or tell. Me were can I take it to get the job done....

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Use the computer from the car you got the engine out of. You may need the wiring harness as well as your vtec engine would/should have more sensors to plug up. Not that you will necessarily need to rerun the entire harness but you will need something to connect up that vtec solenoid with. Sorry, old F/H series engines are not something I know a lot of off the top of my head. I assume you had an f22 and put in an h23 from a prelude?

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My assumption is that it wouldn't be an f23 as then they would need to do a VTEC and an OBD2 conversion. That's a lot of wiring mess to deal with not to mention f23 and f22 mounts and axles would also be different as well as hydro vs cable shifters if we are talking the manual transmission also being swapped out.


An f22 to h23 swap is supposed to be at minimum the longblock, ecu and wire up the vtec solenoid.

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