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Michael Greenwood

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My alternator went out on me and I don't have the money to get an brand new one. I was looking at some of the salvage yards around me and i can get one off a 92 Prelude and have found many Civics in other yards that i could get. Would any of those work, and what would I have to make sure of when i go to purchase the alternator?

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I am pretty sure a stock civic alternator won't cut it. You should be able to pull the alternator off of any Prelude of your generation and it will work fine. You didn't specify what year your car was so I can't say if a 92 alternator will work or not. Just keep in mind the alternators are generally specific to the engine series and not the model. A B series alternator will work on most Bs, an H will work on most Hs within a generation and so on. Quite a few of the parts work cross generation as well but you didn't give me enough information to answer that.

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