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honda del sol wont start

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Please bare with me, I'm a girl and don't know a lot about cars. My 94 Honda Del Sol started dying on me when I was driving it the last few weeks. It was running fine and has been maintained properly. It started dying on me a few times, usually when I was at a stop sign or light. The first few times it started right up. Well last week I went yo start it up and it wouldn't start( turned over but sounded like it wasn't getting gas). So I replaced the fuel pump....still wouldn't start, so I replaced the main relay ...it started after a few tries and I drove it around for about 10mins. Well I went to go start my car the next day and it wouldn't start . just turned over and was acting like it was out of gas( I have half a tank of gas). Can I get some help from all you guys?

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Honda Civic line of cars from the 90's are touchy about electrical ground connections. Before sinking a lot of money and time in this be sure to disconnect your terminals and clean/scrub the corrosion from them. Particularly the ground cable. Do likewise with the chassis ground connections. Obviously you have the chassis ground for the battery, there is one that comes off the top of the valve cover in the front left corner of the engine and a third which escapes me this early in the morning. Not enough coffee after a holiday weekend i guess. you can google it or look it up in your manual. I think it connects from the trans but I can't remember.

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