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Rebecca Ward

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So i have an 2004 and I was driving up the hill like I do every week and I started to feel the air was getting hot. I saw that my temp started to go up. This has never happened before like this. No steam, no weird nosies, all fluids were good. I turned the ac off and the temp went back to normal. Ok so, Im thinking its and ac problem. The next day i need to go back up the hill for work and it overheats a little, nothing like the day before and there was no ac on. Weird.


Take it back home and let it rest and get the car book out. My dad got out some pressure tester thing. ( I only own the basics on my car) He was toying around with it, car with ac on wasn't over heating but then again he wasn't driving it nor going up a hill. My book doesn't say what the ac numbers should be at. He thinks there is something wrong with the temp gage but we dont really know.


Any ideas?

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my '07 V6 just started heat problems 6/29/13. temp gauge goes to red but the engine has already overheated by then (steam). Water pump ok, heater works so i guess thermostat ok, new radiator cap, still doing it at idle. Getting towed to the shop tuesday 7/2/13. will let you know what all they have to do to fix.


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When you notice temps start to rise pull off to a safe place and check and see if upper and lower radiator hoses are hot. Upper and lower hoses should feel similar in temp to the touch (careful, they will be hot but not enough to burn you unless you grab hold and don't let go)


Given the problem occurs on a steep incline I would check to make sure your coolant is at a proper level first. A steep enough incline and the motor isn't designed for that and that can be a contributing factor as well.

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On 7/11/2013 at 8:49 AM, woody31 said:

rebecca ,,check to see if your electric fans come on when you turn on the a/c..one should come on with the air on,,just a thought,,,good luck..

Hey, can you share what are errors you are facing about it, sometime you should be focus on the quality of the engine. 

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