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b18b Swap problems PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!&#3


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IM new to the civic world, this is my first car.I got the car in october (95 ex ) in march the engine blew on me. i found a place to replace it and that engine blew come to find out it was messed up. so in may went back because of the free installment cause of the other engine. I got a good deal on the B18B ( 99 ls). they put it in but the ecu didnt fit it was ob2 and my car is obd1 so he left the old one hooked up from the D16 it didnt shift right but it worked. he ordered another one (p78)2 plugs need 3 wrong one but he hooked it up anyway and tried the 2 together didnt work and blows a fuse, so he hooked up the old one back up. i drive down the street stop green light tried to go car wasnt moving the car would not go in reverse or drive just park and N. so i got it towed back to the shop and now he wants to charge me 800 to fix it all. i went out and got a p75 ecu it fits it starts but i cant shift out of park or to any gears. Can Some One Please Help Me I Just Want My Car Back. I Miss Driving Her :,(

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I want to help but helping as a 3rd party is tough. Engine swaps are not things that normal mechanics are exposed to so try not to crucify him too much over the on-going problems.


There are numerous extensive write ups on various Honda message boards about swapping a b18b into your civic and all the details that involves. The trouble begins with knowing what steps your mechanic has already tried and not, and how much he knows about Honda swaps or not and it gets tougher from there. If he's a half decent mechanic he isn't going to be thrilled when you show up with random suggestions from a nobody on a message board either.


But again, search out "b18b swap how to" and start reading extensively. You will find what you are looking for.

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