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2007 Honda Civic loose plastic sound near the hood/front of car


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Alright so just to clear up a few things, bought it used from a dealer about a week ago. drove great on the test drive only 100,000 miles on it. When I hit highway speeds it sounds as if some kind of plastic is flapping in the wind. I thought it was my license plate holder in the front so I took that off but it still makes the sound. I know its cosmetic because there are no lights on the dash, no fluids leaking, engine doesn't loose power and the brakes and throttle work perfectly. The only thing I might think it could be is that I don't have normal rims. I got it with some plastic crap hub caps attached and there is a gap between the edges of the hub cap and the actual tire. I think it might be fixed if I get actual rims but I don't have the four hundred dollars to spend on some cheap rims. I still have it under warranty, purchased the 3 year one. Do you guys think I should get it checked out just in case? Any help would be great!

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Does your car have the plastic baffle from the bumper under the front half of the engine? It's to protect the engine from debris being sucked up into the front of the motor and most newer cars have it. It is not uncommon for them to come loose as they are just plastic held in with plastic clips.

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