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Follow the instructions included with the struts and coilovers. If you don't have instructions, find them. Ive seen some setups require cutting the bump stop and some where the bump stop remains entact. You need to find out which it is for you.

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I just got cheap ebay coilovers so I haven't found instructions for them just the expensive ones that I plan on getting now. Because it is super bouncy! I cut the bump stops in half but my struts are all blown, because I found that out when i took them apart.

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Cheap ebay crap is cheap ebay crap. Your life and your passengers life relies on your suspension working properly. Suspension, brakes and steering components should never be based on price. Buy quality or go home. It's cliche but you get what you pay for. My very expensive and very nice coilover kit came with a 10 page full color installation manual. No guesswork.


You can cheap out all you want on engine upgrades and such as a blown motor costs you money and not your life.

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I fun F&F type 1 on my sedan. Never a problem and installation was a breeze. You want to talk about a solid ride. Lets be clear up front: your car will retain no resemblance of comfort from then on but holy hell will it improve the handling.


It is the general Honda communities opinion that Skunk2 quality has decreased considerably through the 00's. What was once a marquee product has become too commercialized for it's own good and has been riding on the name for some time now. It is the opinion of many enthusiasts that you can buy a better quality product for the same price from other manufacturers. Hence the nickname: Junk2

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