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How do you ground pins A6 and A4 on ECU/PCM?


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hey i have code p1457 from OBD2 scan. The troubleshooting guide says to ground some pins from the ECU/PCM using a jumper wire... my ordeal is what type of jumper wire i use? what gauge? do i use a 18awg copper wire or a breadboard jumper wire such as here




and after i find the cable, how exactly do i ground it. do i just touch any metal part of the car? Do i have to ground it specifically to another pin in the ECU/PCM that has ground? i wanna know so i could continue the process of testing my EVAP purge and vent solenoids.. thanks!

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thank you for your response James Matteu. ill simply just use any kind of wire...connect an alligator clip to one end of it and then pinch it to the chasis under the glove box..thanks man. does anyone know for sure if this is good too..just for a second opinion to be safe

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thanks Xeryon, But james. how exactly do i stick the pin into the PCM.. should i make the pin as straight as possible or is it ok if its making contact with other surfaces... and u say from the back i actually havent seen the pcm yet in person (ive been seeing only pictures) it looks like there sonly a front side.....no back.

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excellent, i see it. that clears it up pretty much. thank you. later on ima ask how do i measure continuity on the purge and vent solenoids using a multimeter.. i dont know which dial to put the multimeter to check continuity. but thats for later..thanks again

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