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d16y8 turbo setup


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im new to Honda and I was looking into turboing it.. it is my daily driver,, I have done some reading that I will need a compression test and that for a stock d16y8 internals u could run a 7psi boost,, if anyone out there that can tell me what would be involved in turboing the d16y8 that would be awesome

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I'll go ahead a be the reality check, i.e. Asshole:


1. New to Honda

2. Daily Driver

3. Your car is listed as a SI in your profile yet you say you have a y8?

4. You claim to have done research yet are asking massively open ended questions. If I go to google and type in "how to turbo my y8" I get 277,000 results. The second of which is a phenomenal write up on a guys build. So I highly doubt you have done any, or hardly any, research on this. Don't come to a web forum as a new guy and ask other people to do your months of homework for you.

5. You came back whining about lack of response.


This all equals up to: isn't gonna happen. Just go to eBay and buy some Altezza tail lights. Otherwise, put in the hours to do your own homework and come back with real questions about parts, builds, power numbers and so on. Don't bring me this melodrama bs. I/We love to help but I don't get paid to hold your hand.

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I have done my homework, but sadly some of these write-ups are beyond my mechanical experience, I work in computers and have very little to no mechanical experience with engines so some of these write ups are sayin to get things that I have no idea what they are,, second yes my car is a 1998 Honda civic SI the owner before me did an engine swap out with a 1.6l d16y8 SOHC vtec engine and tranny,,, and as for lack of response, yes u guys are here to help but no one was,, this thread was started almost a week ago and with all the views no one was even willing to lend any advice,, iv already read the sticky on turboing and again some of the info on there is beyond me so I need more info on this,, in a better way that I can understand,, I ment no disrespect

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Right off the top you are incorrect. I too am an IT professional by trade. If you can fix a computer a car is a piece of cake. There are so many less variables. I bought a 95 sedan from a junk yard 8 years ago and didn't know how to change my oil. Really isn't a service on a 92-00 Honda that I haven't done and figured out how to do by reading on the internet.


This site gets an absurd amount of traffic yet few posters. The lack of a response is typical these days. HF has few of it's initial regular posters and is mostly perused by people asking questions.


You have a lot of work to do yet if you have read write-ups and are baffled. Lets start with the obvious, and possibly embarrassing, are you well acquainted with how your engine works? Or a turbo system? Have you done any other repairs to your car (as a barometer of your experience and skill for us)

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I know the basic of how a turbo works yes, I read the sticky on turbos and it had a link explaining how a turbo works.. as for have I done any repairs,, no my brother is my go to guy when I need something done,,, I don't fix computers, I work in network security and counter hacking, so getting grease on my hands isn't something im used to,, not afraid to but more worried I might do something that could ruin the engine.. iv heard a lot of different ways to gain boosts to your engine,, I keep finding mixed reviews on parts people put on and how crappy or how good the part may be,


Im the type of guy that needs solid information before I do anything,, and as for youtube,, there are people in this world that will upload a video of them doing something and saying that its the right way but in the end it nukes your engine,,,


Im going to go ahead and say that at this moment I could prolly change my own oil and that's pretty much it,, id have better luck programming an ECU :D

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Let your brother read the turbo threads and explain it to you. If he has any questions, let him post on this thread.


If you read something and don't understand what it does, then find out by looking it up. That's really no different than coming here and asking us to spoon feed it to you with the exception that you don't have to hear us whine about having to repeat the same thing for the 100th time. As far as the validity of the information you see on YouTube...well some of us here make some of those videos, myself included. So, if you don't trust the YouTubes then what makes this any different? You have a high hill to climb and the ropes are everywhere, we're not going to fly out to your house and hold your hand, your brother can do that.


Why type all this instead of answering your vague questions? This is more satisfying. The vast number of keyboard mechanics I've helped over the years have taught me there hasto be some indication the poster is either serious or willing to learn before I unleash my super helpfulness.

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Lets get one thing perfectly clear: if you turbo your car you will blow the engine.


If you assume the worst from the beginning then you won't be disappointed when it happens. If you cannot afford to be without your car or to replace the motor you are barking up the wrong tree. There is a chance the motor will be fine and you'll never have a problem but you will be one of the lucky few. It might not happen right away but eventually.... Even well built systems fail: the boost set screw comes loose and instead of pushing 6psi it's 16psi, or an injector fails under extreme acceleration and you run lean and detonate or the bearings fail and shaft blows apart and so on.

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