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1995 Del Sol, wont start??


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This is my girlfriends car so I don't know Hondas that well. But this car ran fine then sputtered to a stop at a red light. Now it just cranks. It has spark and fuel steams out of the part just before the fuel rail when I removed the 12mm bolt that holds the banjo fitting. What else could it be? Power to fuel injectors? I'm at a loss. I just did a compression test on it and all are from 143 to 160 lbs. And this happened about 3 miles after the test. Hum????

Thanks for any help.....

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bump plus new info - I tested power to injectors and reads 12v. Good! Bad, still don't start. Fuel rail has plenty of fuel going through it. Spark plugs all spark a nice white arch. Could the timing have jumped? I'm at a lose. Anything, anyone?


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