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Car starts without clutch being pushed


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I got this car not long ago, few problems as always, but i noticed that the brake and clutch pedals are missing the rubber bumper to press the button sensor. So i tapes them up so it will press them. I am guessing someone bypassed the clutch sensor or something so it will start, not all sure though. How do i reset my car to start only while clutch is being pushed in and such, I thought you restarted the cpu by cutting off power for a minuet, but still works like i bought it.


Also quick question deviated from this one, if i can push start my car, does that mean fuel pump and everything is working needed to start the car, just something wrong with ignition, because i just got a new starter for it, it had a junkyard one, and it doesn't start. Key turns, battery comes on, lights flash and such, but no start, it is like i'm starting a manual car without pressing the clutch in if it worked the right way.

I just want to add a push button start, so i am wondering, till i find the problem and fix it.


Thanx in advance

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Some one unplugged clutch sensor to bypass it, then tried to rewire it, and did a bad job. Was just some loose wires that stopped the ignition from starting, got that fixed, just need to fix it all back up right so it will start with clutch being pushed in.


Little annoying rubber pieces that go in a hole on the clutch and brake are gone, So i'm guessing that why someone did this. Had them taped and the brake lights went off, so i never thought of it since brake lights went off, but the tape wasn't pushing the sensors in far enough. I threw some small bolts on, and everything seems to work now, even fixed my cruise control.

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