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im starting a drag car civic built and i got a good idea about what i am doin but i might be missing few things.

so im aiming for 600-700whp. i got a b20v/ b17 vtech head and its boosted but i blew it up because it was stock and couldnt hadle 350whp safetly. so now im building something that will last me along time while beating on it daily ;)


i got a bare b18c1 block with the girdle and the mains, goona send it out to the machine shop to get me sleeves (JE SLEEVES) borred out to 84mm and i got 84mm wiseco 9.0.1 low dome psitons (FORGET) and also will be getting eagle rods with eagle crankshaft.

so my question is... am i missing anything to having a bullet proof bottom end? im thinking about running 35+ psi of boost. anything helps thanks

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I want to know where you found a B17 head at. Not a common engine part to be working with. Kind of a weak link given it isn't a common element and will be hard to support/build of of.

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