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1993 Honda Civic DX Speedometer working on and off.

Andrew Hicks

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I own a 1993 Honda Civic DX and it has a problem with the speedometer. I'm going to give as much information I can. The speedometer works on and off. Sometimes while I'm driving down the road going around 60 mph, it shows that I'm going 0. Sometimes it works and says I'm going 60 when I'm actually going 55 (GPS shows my speed). So when my speedometer works, it shows that I'm 5 mph faster than what I am. The mile meter doesn't work when the speedometer isn't working. When the speedometer works, the mile meter works. I do not own a tachometer. The check engine light is on, but I did the paper clip test and I believe it gave me a reading for an O2 sensor. I may be wrong but I believe that's what it said. I know it could be one of two things... The speedometer itself, or the VSS. They are both around the same price, but I can't return either of them to a shop to get my money back if they don't work, due to them being electrical. I'm broker than MC Hammer right now, so I need some help. All the junkyards that have Hondas as stripped to the frame...

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Best bet for the speedometer is to buy a replacement gauge cluster off of eBay. Don't worry about what the mileage on the odometer you buy says, you can switch your odometer with the replacement. The cluster off eBay will cost a fraction of the price as buying one from a shop or store. The cluster is remarkably easy to install. All 92-95 civic gauge clusters are identical in function. You will have Auto with and without tachometer and Manual with and without tachometer and they will all function the same plus or minus the gear indicator and the tach. You can take this opportunity to upgrade your cluster to one with a tach and troubleshoot your issue in the process.

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