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94 Accord EX Vtec Not Starting


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Sorry if this has been covered, but my accord started fine, but then I put a new Dis Cap on, along with new spark plugs and wires. It would not turn over, it would crank, but not turn over. I can smell some gas in the engine compartment after trying.


So I removed the new Dis Cap and Wires, leaving the new spark plugs in. Still the same thing, it sounds like it is about to crank right up, but never does, sometimes the muffler makes a sound like some gas caught fire and went out.


Any ideas on how to get this project off the ground? Thanks.


Also, I checked the engine codes, these went of: 3(MAP), 7(Trottle Position), 9(CYP), 21 and 22(both VTEC involved)


Would any of those sensors make it not boot up?


Quick Replies would be appriciated!!!


Thanks again!

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this might be a lame suggestion, and I don't mean it to be insulting, but are you sure you have the wires in the correct order around the distributor? (heck, I used to think cylinder 4 was cylinder 1). that's just the first thing that came to mind.


also, why were you changing the distributor cap? regular maintenance? any problems on the inside? did the rotor look fine? I don't know what to tell you on the engine codes, but if the problem occured right after you changed a part, I'd look closely into what you did. some things do happen by coincidence, and a 1994 is pretty old.


sorry I can't be any more help than that.

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