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91 honda crx dx version zc swap


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The car is not running it has a swap not much know about the history of the swap or the motor milage or if it was rebuilt. The owner that did or attempted to have it running passed away besides that the frame has a wide body kit...... gay looking, Tokiko shocks, and interior looks great. 700$ sold as is. I need an opinion should it get it and try to fix where the man left off or walk away? And what kind of zc motor am i looking at any pro advice?













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Come on you guys a little help deciding if 700$ is worth it who cares about how the body looks it took three semesters of body shop and i have the equipment at home to fix that i just want to know about the motor and if any one knows anything about it.

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For $700 if it was on Craigslist it's already gone.


It's a gamble, don't ask us to make a decision for you if you want to roll the dice on an unknown.


A ZC was the Japanese stock class engine for a CRX. For as light as the CRX was the ZC made it move pretty nice. You can buy clean, low miles ZCs for around 500-600 from an importer.

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Then it's a good gamble. If you like the car it has it's own inherent value regardless of the function of the engine.


Do a little homework on the ZC. That DOHC D-series was a strange one. Many parts are cross compatible with the other single cams but, for obvious reasons, not everything is the same. 130hp and 105tq I think. It's not a complete slug and for the time was the top end power plant for Honda's small car.

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