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Del sol tuning issues....please help!

Andrew Sumner

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I bought a 95 del sol s shell and built a D16z6 for it. Put all new interior, fresh paint, new suspension, wheels, fresh motor and trans, lights, custom intake and exhaust. The OEM motor was a D15 so putting the D16 in was quite simple but I'm now having tuning issues. I also installed a V-tec conversion kit wiring harness.

So the car runs and drives but it sounds like it's running on only three cylinders yet all the plug wires are issuing spark. It also runs really rich and blows some smoke when reved hard. It has an erratic idle but not like the TPS is shot, like maybe 100-200 RPM's. I found that the plugs are solid black and gapped a little tight but close to spec. I did reset the engine time and ignition time twice but it's got to be something else. This car is computer controlled and I don't know how to get the car to idle at 800, stop blowing smoke/running rich, and just become drivable.

Please help me put this cherry del sol on the road?!?!?!? Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated!

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