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Non Honda Gauge cluster

Sean Kelly

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I went and looked at a 93 Del Sol and everything seemed really nice... almost too nice. 117,000 KMs... new CVs, non vtec motor, looks like it is missing a full rad as "something" was there before... BUT the big issue was when I was looking really hard at the cluster, I saw that it had no Honda symbols, and certain warning light "tabs" were backwards!!


I tried googling and ebay'ing to see if someone sells a chinese knockoff cluster, but have only found used clusters and gauge faces.


Car runs good, looks good, and seems to be pretty clean... but still concerned about this non factory cluster...


Anyone seen this before?

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Del Sol clusters never had any factory logos on them. For a radiator: civic products only used 1/2 radiators, right side for engine cooling and left side for AC cooling. If the car didn't have AC or previous owner removed it then that would explain the "something"


Because the Del Sol was a pretty limited production car and the cluster in it is proprietary to Del Sol alone no one made aftermarket clusters for this. A few places make gauge overlays to change the colors or add chrome piping and such, but even then they weren't common.

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