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Head Gasket and maybe warped head.

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Okay so here we go: About two years ago i changed the head gasket and water pump in my 95 Honda civic ex. Lately some hoses have been breaking one by one therefore causing the car to overheat every time that happened, i changed them all. The heater core went bad too causing the car to overheat once again! I by-passed that. Also the car was running without a thermostat so i went ahead and put a new one in along with a new radiator cap. Then! the radiator went too, i replaced that. The car is still overheating. So i'm inclined to think that during all these over heatings i might have blown the head gasket and since it is the second time this happens, heres the question: Is there a possibility that when i put the head gasket the first time the head was maybe just a little warped (the preowner was an idiot and ran it overheating for a while) and the new head gasket covered for a while but then wore off with the time and the other over heatings that have been happening? If the head is warped could the block also be warped? And taking it to the Machine Shop should fix the problem correct? LAST QUESTION: What would be the symptoms for a blown head gasket and or a warped head or block?


Thanks guys i know its a lot of question but i need the help its my only car at home so the fam is counting on it!

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You asked what are the symptoms of a blown head gasket. Everything you described can be considered symptoms of a blown head gasket. Each incident separately is not indicative of a blown head gasket, but all together defiantly show your leaking exhaust into your cooling system.


The proper procedure for head gasket replacements is to inspect the mating surfaces of the head and block with a feller gauge and precision straight edge.


The can and pulley can be removed together, that SP Tool is not necessary.

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