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my guess is i need a new fuel pump


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so to make this short i was getting off the highway and my car just died...


thought ok must have not press the clutch enough or something... ive done it before cause my clutch is really stiff



but i went to start it and it would start and then die right away... so i talked with my mechanic friend and he said to try to give it gas when starting... and it revved up but then died again...



so basically what its doing is if i let the RPMs drop too much it dies... makes it very hard to get somewhere... problem is... im now 30 miles from home at work.

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well i was saying that because i had the same problem.. car was bogging and randomly dieing so i would listen to my pump prime the lines and went with changing the filter and that fixed it..


i dont think theyre very expensive either, not sure anymore i bought mine about a year and a half ago.. i dont even use the stock filter anymore lol

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