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brake light problem


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hello everyone this is my first time on this site so i hope this works.

Heres my problem the brake lights work BUT when the peddel is pressed they do not get brighter second when the brake peddel is pressed two other things happen

a beeping noise occurs and a light on my dash lights up it shows this {brake/an a seat belt guy} all in the same screen

i have replaced the bulbs and tried to find the brake switch its not on the peddel. this car has alot of mods new an old parts a work in progress i cheaked the fuses they seem to be fine. My guess is its a short to power some where before the brake light switch. if anyone has had this problem or knows how to fix it please tell me how to or what to do.

Thanks Jerry

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is the MC full?


Master cylinder has nothing to do with the lights coming on... It can cause the "{brake/an a seat belt guy}" to come on though... but always make sure the "MC" is not leaking.


It is either the brake switch or power supply/grounding to the switch. Your brake switch should be located above the steering column along the piston axis for the brake cylinder (above the brake pedal) and will look like a cylinder and could be burried inside a metal bracket. Check along the linkages for the brake pedal for an electrical connector attached and you have found the switch... You can then jumpper the connector at the switch and if the lights come on then you know it is the switch, if not then check that there is power to the switch, if not then you problem is before the switch and if there is power then your problem is after the switch (likely a bad ground since both of you lights are out).


If it is the switch they run around $15 from the dealer.

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