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96 civic problems: high rpms and low acceleration


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Now, before anyone says anything, I did run a few searches and couldn't find anything precisely matching my problem, if there's already a present thread, please link me to it."


I've had my civic for maybe two months now. Never had a problem. Ever since yesterday it felt kinda funny driving it, every now and then it will shake when shifting into second, but I thought that was just me shifting badly. Now I realized I can't drive like normal or else the rpm's go crazy high and the car accelerates slowly, so I was stuck taking off slow and accelerating much slower than other cars, which got me lots of angry stares, and made it very hard not to get plastered onto the grill of a semi on the freeway. This does happen when taking off and on every gear, and I really have no idea what's wrong. Anyone have a similar issue or know how to help? I'm taking it into the shop tomorrow anyway, and I have a backup car to use until then, but I want to know what's happening and if there's an easy way to solve the problem. Thanks everyone


Just to clarify, the car is a stick shift

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