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Sputtering issue still there, but not as bad, possible solutions ?


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A few weeks ago, my car was misfiring real bad. Checked the plugs and there was oil in them. So.....yesterday, me and a couple buddies replaced the plugs, with new wires, and a valve cover gasket along with the plug seal grommets. I had my head gasket looked at, its not bad. We also replaced the timing belt along with a new water pump, and a couple other small seals. My fuel pump isnt bad, that was verified by a very knowledgeable mechanic. I'm running out of options and idea's as to why this problem is still present. When im in my power zone and have a decent load on, the car acts fine. When I'm in 4th gear going 35 40, the car jerks and misfires like crazy, same at idle. If anyone has any input on this, it'd be gladly appreciated. Im going to have it checked out, AGAIN, sometime this week, I'll let you know what they say.

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