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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3!!!

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LoL I have a copy already, just i was advised by capcom not to play online till the release date.... >_< but yeah I went to Chytown to test out the beta when they came back in Nov when they had the Shoryuken Fight Club, I was one of the lucky 3 people to win a copy.....so yeah man im going to go to the local tournaments tomorrow and win a couple copies lol...


You play on xbox or ps3?

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I play on my friend's 360. I'm buying a ps3 and arcade pad with my tax refund. I love this game so much. I placed 3 out of 34 in the tournament tonight.


amaterasu is so beast. dude figured out the her infinite after 10 minutes of playing. I dont know infinites.


I hold my ironman out and assist my deadpool and dante and pull all three ultras.


I wasnt used to the arcade pad since i've only played with a controller.


I hope to be good enough for the next tournament.

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Nice, I played last night and won the tournament but gave my copy to 2nd place, he was decent not as good obviously, i played Team Resident Evil & Then I played Team, Magneto, Storm, and Phoenix. Man o Man people were amazed by the fact that Phoenix basicallty has a health regen lol...but she takes 10x's more damage....all in all it was fun. They all knew that I played the game before so they were like we'll just order you a TE stick for winning...so im like nice its worth more than the game lol


BTW i play on 360

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awesome.. there were some really good dudes playing last night.


I'm entering in to a cash tournament this weekend. 1, 2 and 3rd place get cash prize.


I dont even really care if i win, i love the game. Want to see how i am against others.

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So yeah i was playing the game last night in the mission mode....Jeebus christ....man the missions are stupid ridiculous....so stupid lol, but yeah im just getting used to the fact there is a launch button now....kinda weak but its like a game for complete noobs....air combos are limited, found out that you can tech out of air combos...so tag air combos are rendered useless.

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