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need help car problems


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Hi. I am having some problems with a customers car and it has me stumpped. I own ChristianKustomz automitive so I am mechanically inclined. However this problem has me in a dizzy.


Here is the problem. The customer was driving and the car spontaniously stopped working. it has difficulty starting. The enginge would crank without a problem but would not turn over. It would finally start after cranking a while. Car would start and idle fine. I would start to depress the gas pedal and the car would die if depressed too fast. After difficulty getting it started again I can increase the gas pedal slowly and about 1/4 pedal and it would idle quickly (twice per second) high then low by a few hundred rpm's. A test drive is out of the question. When I was able to get it up in rpm's it had no power. Engine stalls out/ dies if you push the gas pedal too hard. On the one test drive I took upon accelleration it was missing and hesitate terribly. It was very irratic and acted differently at times so I am very confused. Also I know the timing is perfect.


I have used an MT2500 and pulled some info. First off NO FREAKING CODES! What the heck. How can this car be acting this way without tripping off a code?Second the tps @ idle is at .47 volts. .45 volts with car off. Full sweep WOT is 4.53 @ 91% open. O2's functioning between 15 and 1.10. Tdc is at 19 degree's. Everything I have checked seems ok. So I am very confused why the car is acting this way and not tripping a code. I have however found the IACV has a slight buzz to it. I will be replacing it shortly. Besides that anyone ever have this problem or any idea's of a solution? Thanks


ADDED: I forgot to mention I am working on a 1994 civic with a non-vtech 1.5L automatic tranny with a/c and p/s.

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Sounds like the rocker arms or valve lifters, depending on what kind of engine you have, are dry.


Change your oil, if that doesn't do the trick it COULD be your oil pump isn't getting enough pressure out of it to lubricate the higher points of your engine.

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