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is it my car's alarm?


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I've been hearing a car alarm (horn beeping) randomly in the last couple months. But i can't tell if it's coming from my car, and it's parked with a bunch of other cars. By the time i could get down the stairs to check, it would have already stopped. I have a 2010 honda civic (and it only has the factory alarm), and I was wondering, if it's coming from my car, would the lights be going on and off as well (because i don't see the lights on my car going on and off) or would it just be the sound of the horn? Would pressing the "panic" button simulate the sound of the alarm?


One time when I heard it, i remotely unlocked my car and the alarm didn't stop. Does that mean it's not from my car?


Note: it's a 5 month old 2010 honda civic.

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most likely... lock your car and set the alarm and then push it... when the alarm goes off look and see if your lights flash... i have no expeiance with the new civics so i can't be sure but that would clearly tell you if your lights flash with the alarm.

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