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Will Civic HX rims fit?

Drop Shock

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I need new rims cause I hate having 17" crapty spray painted rims on my car.

I was wondering if 14" Civic HX rims will fit on my Del Sol Si without having to grind down anything or use spacers.

Also, I'm getting them for $225 free shipping.

Any input would be nice


thanks :)



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my rotors are 10.3 and i know the wheels dont fit, but the spacers are like 10 bucks and don't hurt anything as long as its not a track car. my buddy had them on his EF (dunno what brakes he had) and he had to do the spacers too, but ive seen them on a 92 coupe DX and they fit just fine...

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I realize that it is the diameter of the rotor I was asking if when you said just simply 9" that you meant 9.5" seeing as they are not the same I was curious.


From what I got out of the thread I linked to you any rotor within the 9" range will fit, if it's over 10" you'll have to do a little work.


Either way, if you really want them just get them. Like Raley said, it's a simple fix if it doesn't work out exactly like you planned.

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