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WTF is wrong with my car!


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Well I'm stumped to what's going on here. Yesterday I was a genious and left my headlights on on my 98 Civic while at work. That night jumping it did no good so I went and bought a new battery. When I turn the key it acts like there's no battery there because nothing lights up on the dash and it won't try to turn over at all. Yet the horn, hazards, and brake lights work fine. I've kinda ruled out the starter because started or not you should be able to turn the headlights on and mine are dead. Only thing I can come up with is everything on the steering column except for the horn is not getting power. The headlights won't turn on and the ignition doesn't do anything, but things not on the steering column work fine. The fuses under the hood are fine, the ones under the dash I'm not sure because I don't have the fuse diagram or the little door it's suppossed to be on and I didn't have time while at work to take each one out and look at them. So all I can think of is a fuse or a connection somewhere took a crap. But before I go and start tearing the steering column apart do you guys have any ideas?

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i had the same problem. and it was the steering wheel tilt. i tilted it down so much that it sat on all the wires under the column so wen my friend took the column apart and rebent the wires back to normal the car worked again. =)

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