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Battery Light Help!!


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Okay guys, I have been having an issue with the battery light . I have a 02 Civic Lx 1.7 SOHC ... I was cruising at 40mph when randomly the battery light came up . As soon as i got back home the first thing i did was remove the alternator and took it to the neighborhood autozone were they tested it and i came up to be fine..... with that i reinstalled it , when i turned the car on everything was back to normal the batt light went off . the next day i took it for a drive and the light came up on again. But what i noticed is that once i pass 3k it turns off and when the rpm drop below 2k it comes back on....??? today i brought out the multimeter and with the car off i checked the batt voltage (12.5v). i turned on the car and the bat voltage remained 12.5v. i connected it to the alt. output and i got 12.5v. Even when i reved past 3k the output was still 12.5v. I connected the probes to the field connector and i am getting the respected readings ( 12.4v,4.8v,5v,0v) Does anyone have any ideas whats going on??? Thanks In advanced!!!! I appreciate all help!!!!!



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