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MY 93 honda hatch eg starts and boggs down and out

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like i start it up and it starts idleing for about 1-3 seconds sumtimes less and then boggs down and cuts off. it sounds like somthing is chokeing it. it is a stock d15b7 non vtech motor 1.5L. all it has done to it is a cold air intake and magna flow exhuast system, i just put new headers on it, bottom and top. but it has dones this before that. and most the it started towards the begining of fall and those times u would just wait for a few hours and try again and it would work fine again for a month or two like nothing happened. but i have sprayed carb cleaner into the throttle body and intake manifold and it helped the firdt time it did it. aand now i did that again and i cleaned the idle control valve and it still wont keep started. i also put a brand new fuel filter on it like a monthe or two ago.


some guy at pep boys said to try a new fuel filter again instead of getting a new fuel pump but i just rather wanna know what is making the problem and getting that fixed so i can roll again lol

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and if u tap the throttle just a little bit quickly it will keep going as long as u keep doing so but i can move it at all, but wen u press the pedal down even more it will just bogg down also and cut out and off like it does anyways.

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