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1991 Honda Accord LX

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I was driving along on a rainy day and I didn't think this puddle was deep but I was wrong it made it up to my axel and i got through it just fine at the time I thought. The next day after parking at home when I came out to go to work it wouldn't start. What I ended up doing was going online and i found a dozen ecm rebuilders. After getting prices and talking to a few of the guys at these companies I found one who surprised me with a great price and a lifetime warranty. So i ordered the unit I needed which was a 37820-PT3-A51 I saved a lot of money from what everyone else wanted and I got a lifetime warranty. If anyone needs a unit take a look at worldecm.com they also have a stock page of inventory available they make deals on at http://worldecm.com/html/stock.html I talked to Thomas Thompson and he was a nice fellow to talk with. I haven't had a problem since we got this new rebuilt in. If i need anything else he seems to have a lot of the parts I may need. I have another issue I will be seeing him on next month.

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