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no check engine no vtec


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ok i have a b16a in my civic, the car ran great, then the timing belt slipped, i thought i bent a valve, so i put a new head on, the head came off an lsv setup, it has super tech valve springs, etc. since i put the head on i have no vtec, there is no check engine light on, i try to do a few things to test it, like put a new ground, fuel filter, fresh oil change, cleaned the screen. i was told about the lost mostion assemably. i need more ideas of what i can do before tearing the head back off.

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first thing that comes to mind is that you said it came off a lsv well that means the head is tap. what did you do about that tap. something eles too did you plug up your vtec solenoid.


did you buy the car with the swap?


if so do you know if the cel is even in the gauge clusters.


also run a code reader on the car just to make sure your not throwing them.

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i saw that is was tapped, i plugged it up, i took the plug out of the old head, no i swapped the car my self. no i did not plug up my vtec solenoid. question, what is cel. i know when i got the car the gauge cluster didnt work right so i put a new one in, an seems to be working fine.

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