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what year is the b16a from

b16a hatch

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i got a 97 honda civic hatch with a b16a in it i know there is two types of b16a one with 160 hp and one with 170hp i just want to know wich one is mine so if you guys can help that would be great















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sorry i took long but here are some pics of the distributor




















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one of the other things to look at is were you took a pic of the number 96 on the head. this tells you its a 1996 head. so its a obd2a.in 96 is when they started obd2. now with a obd2a and obd2b. the a is from 96-98 i THINKING. and b is 99-00.

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Well thats a japanese motor. It would have a number after the a if it was from the us.


Well need to see a pic of the distributor to know if its obd1 or 2.


The B16A had 2 generations


first generation was OBD0 and came with 160 horsepower. this motor was found in the early 88-90 civic CRX, Civics and Integras.


second generation was OBD1 and had 168 horsepower. this motor was found in 91-98 Civic SiRs. The compression ratio was bumped from 10.2:1 to 10.4:1 increasing horsepower. Also, upping the redline from 8100 to 8200.


You can tell by the ECU. Check your ECU code and see whether its first generation (PR3 or PW0) or second generation (P29 or P2S).


Since you have a 97 civic, I'd say it's the second generation.



source: brain/wikipedia

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