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e85 on vafc

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ok my issue is i have my car built and i am running e85 on a type r ecu with apexi vafc controller and my car is running to lean, and i am not sure were or how to tune this thing to make it run good on e85. e85 is a hole new world for me were do i run on A/F and how do u set the vafc up for it any specs on my build will be very helpfull thank u.


b18c1 block (bored 0.20 over)

all forged internals

all arp bolts and nuts

arp head studs

4 layer cosmetic head gasket

brand new solid motor mounts so nice(broke stock ones fast)

brand new stage 2 axels

skink 2 intake manifold

AEM fuel rail

fully built type R head

with omni power valve train

blox turbo cams

full exhaust header sraight from 4 singles to a 3inch

stright pipe out to tilte with an apex n1 muffler

type R transmission with a welded center so its posie traction and stage 4 6 puck clutch

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i don't know anything about junker vafc's but i know if you have a wideband (usually just for gas) with gas or e85 you wanna hit around 14.7:1 you can go alil leaner if you want but you want to stay pretty close to that.

i do not have a wideband laying around so i will have to go out and buy one but for now i will be doing this and maybe more if i get good info: an take into ADVISMENT ITS FRESH BUILD!! only 4k

well my thing is with having bored over i am not sure on the compression but i am checking it tomorrow on the cylinders.I will be tuning down the fuel regulater its running high right now about 80psi and i am guessing e85 i need to put it at about 55psi when a stock setting is 44psi and does anyone know what size injectores i should be running cuz i have itr injectors 310cc and should i get bigger to run e85? i was also thinking about maybe putting back to 91 octane but how hard would that be? can i just throw it in their or would i have to go bye steps?

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